Put meeting agendas on autopilot with AgendaAI.

AgendaAI automatically generates an agenda for any meeting of your choosing when you connect it to Slack or answer a few questions.

Charma Charmies on the laptop using AgendaAI
Charma AgendaAI product

Rule Slack, don’t let it rule you

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless conversations and notifications on Slack. Let AgendaAI identify what matters most and what you should be discussing at meetings.

Simply connect your Slack to Charma and choose the conversations you want to stay on top of. AgendaAI will only analyze what you give it permission to, and will extract relevant and timely topics to fuel your meeting agendas and work conversations.
Charma - Rule Slack, don't let it rule you
Charma - Make the most of your meetings with AgendaAI

Make the most of your meetings with AgendaAI

At Charma, our goal is to help you have more magical and productive meetings. We know it can be time-consuming to manually create agendas on a recurring basis so we decided to solve that problem for you. With AgendaAI, you can put agendas on autopilot and tackle meetings with purpose like never before.

Assign relevant Slack channels to each of your workspaces or answer a few questions — and watch the magic happen!

AgendaAI will never miss a thing

With the power of AgendaAI, great ideas and critical to-dos will no longer get lost in Slack. AgendaAI will analyze everything for you and identify the things you didn’t know you needed to know.

Whether you’re a manager with a large team of direct reports, a senior-level figure overseeing a matrixed department, an IC leading a team meeting, or someone else trying to figure out what to discuss during meetings, AgendaAI will help you with it all.

Charma - AgendaAI will never miss a thing
Charma - Secure and personalized

Secure and personalized

AgendaAI is your new best friend when it comes to meeting preparedness. The more you use AgendaAI, the smarter it will get and the more refined your suggested topics will become over time.

When you connect Slack, AgendaAI will only include channels you tell it to — it won’t check any channels you don’t…

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“Now more than ever, managers must have systems in place that ensure clear communication and alignment across their team, Charma simplifies the one-on-one process with a user-friendly experience that helps me and my team stay in sync and align on priorities no matter where we are.”