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Giving feedback is hard. We made it easier.

Remove the friction that prevents continuous constructive feedback. Develop employees individually, thrive collectively.

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Create a supportive   culture of gratitude regardless of where teams are physically located.

Continuous feedback helps everyone reach their full potential

If you want to enable teams to perform their best, you need a feedback system that's easy to adopt. With Charma, giving, receiving, and requesting feedback becomes part of the day-to-day. Whether you are a feedback pro or struggle to find the right words—Charma will help.

Charma helps organizations overcome common barriers to success

  • Customizable reminders nudge managers and employees to give feedback on a regular cadence
  • Starter templates help ensure you’re asking about the right things
  • All feedback is tied to one-on-one workspaces, ensuring it stays both private and accessible for the giver and receiver
  • FeedbackAI can help translate criticism into constructive, actionable feedback

Scale what's already working with custom feedback templates

In Charma, you can take the feedback format that works for your organization and bring it in to one platform. It's simple to build the templates you want employees to follow and add them to a shared library, upholding consistency and standardization across your organization.

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From nuanced responses to quantitative surveys, we've got you covered

In Charma, feedback can be anything from a quick survey to a more involved performance review. We built feedback to support the flexibility that unique organizations need to thrive. Capture both the quantitative and qualitative through scaled rating, multiple choice, open text, and even video responses.

Everything you need to enable people to perform their best, all in one place

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Drive continuous improvement and strengthen team relationships by building a culture of open dialogue.
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360 degree reviews

Charma makes gathering crucial feedback for employees, managers, and leadership simple and actionable.

Learn more about 360s degree reviews in Charma.
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Boost team morale by creating a supportive culture of gratitude with Kudos.

Learn more about employee recognition in Charma.

Break the blank page problem with AI powered suggestions.

Feedback is a gift, but that doesn't mean giving it is easy. If you're like most managers, you've spent hours writing and re-writing feedback trying to find the right words. Well, now there's a shortcut.
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Loved by high performing teams and managers

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“It made being a new manager smooth and easy. ”
“My startup team went from 4 to 40 people in a span of 2 months. Charma helped me manage my relationship with each one and structure our discussions in a thoughtful format. The product included delightful touches that encouraged giving feedback and kudos. It made being a new manager smooth and easy. I look forward to continuing to use Charma!”

Quickly become the manager you always wished you had.