Recognize a job well done with a quick kudos.

Employee recognition software helps teams celebrate wins of all sizes and boost team morale.

Charmies hanging out a window high-fiving

Recognition can no longer be dependent on serendipitous hallway encounters.

Giving compliments helps build a culture of feedback

Anyone can give another teammate kudos. In Charma, managers, employees, and peers can celebrate wins from anywhere.

Kudos makes employee recognition simple, quick, accessible, and fun

Give a kudos via text or video, you can even add a gif to make it fun.

Bring employee recognition to the tools your employees spend the most time in

Keep your kudos private or broadcast it outside of Charma to Slack or MS Teams.

Keep a pulse on employee recognition over time

Kudos sent and received are attached to your Charma profile.

Everything you need to enable people to perform their best, all in one place

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Drive continuous improvement and strengthen team relationships by building a culture of open dialogue.

Learn more about continuous feedback in Charma.
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360 degree reviews

Charma makes gathering crucial feedback for employees, managers, and leadership simple and actionable.

Learn more about 360s degree reviews in Charma.
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Boost team morale by creating a supportive culture of gratitude with kudos.

Loved by high performing teams and managers

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“It made being a new manager smooth and easy. ”
“My startup team went from 4 to 40 people in a span of 2 months. Charma helped me manage my relationship with each one and structure our discussions in a thoughtful format. The product included delightful touches that encouraged giving feedback and kudos. It made being a new manager smooth and easy. I look forward to continuing to use Charma!”

Quickly become the manager you always wished you had.