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Charmies 1:1 meetings
Charmies 1:1 meetings

Works like a charm for all types of orgs.

Strengthen your management, strengthen your team.

Make one-on-one's add up to more.
Get consistent agendas that inspire deeper conversations about achievement and growth. Say goodbye to dusty docs of meeting notes no one ever looks at!
Easily give valuable feedback.
Get easy tools to give regular kudos and feedback to teammates. This creates alignment and inclusion, instead of continually rewarding the loudest voices.
Keep goals clear and top of mind.
Everyone can see their tasks and to-dos for each company goal. People stay connected to the mission. No more end of quarter scrambling to show everyone’s work.
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Everyone benefits from using Charma.

manager Charmies

Managers and teams are aligned and accountable.

With cadences and content templates for one-on-ones, goals, feedback, and reviews, managers and teammates know exactly who needs to do what, by when.
Executive Charmies

Execs create efficiency that pays off.

Managers and teams spend less time in unproductive meetings. Higher retention lowers recruiting expenses and preserves team capacity.
HR Charmies

HR teams elevate well being.

Capable managers feel liked by their teams and see new paths for growth. Happier teammates perform better and see new paths for growth, too.

Take it from manager of the year award winner Lindsey Boggs.

lindsey bloggsCharma stars
“Charma took me from a manager to a leader.”
“Charma has changed my leadership for the better. My direct reports are thriving and Charma has played a huge role in that.”

Quickly become the manager you always wished you had.