WorkPatterns 2021 year in review

Adam Berke

📌 In January 2023, WorkPatterns officially rebranded to Charma. Learn more about our decision here

When we started WorkPatterns in 2018, with the mission to build a better toolkit for people management, we did so because we saw the early signs of what we thought could be a cultural movement… or at least a business culture movement.

We had no idea what was to come with the pandemic, but even 2 years prior, we saw a driven group of people who wanted to run their businesses differently and take a fresh  approach to people management. It was a fairly small market at the time, and we called these people “intentional leaders.”

2,349 meetings a month are run in WorkPatterns

These people were characterized by their desire to rethink office bureaucracies and operational norms. 

They prioritized deep work and focus time over endless meetings. 

They wanted flexible work arrangements where communication had to happen asynchronously, since teams were no longer always in the same time zone. 

When they did have “in person” or synchronous meetings, they wanted that time to be used effectively, with clear structure and organization.

They also cared deeply about professional development and career progression. They didn’t want to go through the motions of bi-annual performance reviews just to check an HR checkbox. Instead, they wanted frequent and constructive feedback, and they wanted goals and objectives that actually guided day to day work, not just written down on a slide to be forgotten until the cycle repeated.

Beyond meeting management with WorkPatterns

Of course, the aforementioned pandemic changed all of that. Every business leader, if they were going to thrive, needed to become an “intentional leader.” The inertia of the status quo was broken and new methods that only cutting edge teams dabbled with started to become the norm.

That manifested at WorkPatterns in a surge of demand, not just from forward leaning tech companies, but also ambitious leaders in what would normally be considered “traditional” industries like construction, hospitality, healthcare administration, and educational institutions.

While we’re eager to put the pandemic itself behind us, the momentum it created around new, and largely positive business practices is only just beginning. We thank our customers for their support and trust in helping them navigate an incredibly dynamic time, and we look forward to continuing to listen and building new solutions to help them thrive into the future.

Here’s to intentional leaders in 2022!

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