Announcing AgendaAI, an AI assistant that automates agendas

Adam Berke

Announcing AgendaAI. The first AI assistant that converts your Slack firehose into organized meeting agendas.

At Charma, our mission is to give managers superpowers, and we’re thrilled to announce our third AI assistant, AgendaAI, which is a prime example of that mission in action.

It’s literally impossible for a human to read every message in every Slack channel we’re in. But do you know what can read everything and never gets tired of doing it? A computer. 

AgendaAI puts meeting agendas on auto-pilot by sifting through the deluge of Slack to find important topics that should be addressed at one-on-ones and recurring team meetings. It then delivers those suggestions as a DM, in an email, and/or right inside of Charma so you’re never caught unprepared. 

This solves one of the primary complaints we’ve heard from managers. They don’t have time to prepare for all of the meetings they’re leading and if the participants don’t prepare either, they end up with the type of awkward and time wasting experience that gives meetings (and their management style) a bad name.

With AgendaAI, that problem is a thing of the past. Now all you have to do is tell AgendaAI what Slack channels are relevant to a particular meeting, and the AI will suggest topics before each meeting based on all of the discussions happening across those channels. 

You’re still in control of what actually gets added to an agenda, but you won’t have to start with a blank page every week.

Not only does the AI read all of the channels you tell it to and suggest agendas based on the discussions happening there, it will often find important topics that you might’ve missed in the deluge.

AgendaAI is the third addition to the CharmaAI toolkit:

  • FeedbackAI - helps managers write feedback and performance reviews
  • SurfaceAI - helps managers identify important items in other systems like Jira, Salesforce, Google Docs, etc. before they become fires
  • AgendaAI - automates meeting agendas by analyzing Slack channels and suggesting important topics

Starting today, AgendaAI is free for existing Charma users who can add Slack channels to a specific meeting workspace by clicking on the banner or the three dot menu.

AgendaAI is also free to try for people who aren’t yet on the platform. Just click here to get started.

We're thrilled to release this new tool and believe AgendaAI is just one example of how AI can help solve real problems for our customers.

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