How Charma helped Lindsey Boggs win Citrix's manager of the year award

JP Baertson

Charma is a people management system that guides the relationship between managers and their employees. Workflows for one-on-ones, goals, feedback, and recognition give teams the necessary tools to guide work day-to-day no matter where people are physically located.

Citrix provides technology that empowers organizations to unlock potential & deliver a better employee experience. From enabling sustainable remote work models to streamlining the journey to multi-cloud, Citrix helps securely deliver how work gets done today and in the future.

Lindsey Boggs was a sales leader at Citrix who coached and trained Sales Development Representatives. Lindsey's direct reports were early in their careers and working fully remote. Additionally, Citrix's SDR training program used manager rotation — so team members changed each quarter, making rapport-building a top priority. Recognizing that her one-on-ones and team meetings needed to be extremely effective, Lindsey found Charma in June 2020.

After adopting Charma, Lindsey's team led the SDR team in quota versus attainment. Lindsey was also honored with the "Pacesetter Manager of 2020" Award and nominated for the "Culture Leader of the Year" award across the sales organization.

After Citrix's pilot of Charma, Lindsey saw an increase in engagement from her team. Her employees were opening up in their meeting workspace virtually in a way that they didn't when asked pointed questions on a conference call.

Using Charma for both one-on-ones and team meetings, Lindsey had a system for collaborating on meeting agendas and holding employees accountable to commitments. Lindsey also leveraged Charma to exchange regular feedback and send video kudos to each member of her team giving them encouragement throughout the week.

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