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How Impact used Charma to achieve operational excellence

Marlo Oster

Charma helps teams operate more effectively through guided workflows. Sales Assistant is a module designed specifically for sales teams.

Impact's enterprise partnership automation software delivers actionable insights to activate rapid growth throughout the partner lifecycle.

  • 290% improvement to CRM data accuracy resulting in more reliable pipeline management and forecasting
  • < 2 days resolution time of CRM data issues is now 4x faster, resulting in near real-time pipeline forecast accuracy
  • 1,700+ Salesforce action items completed via Sales Assistant integrations, automating best practices

Impact found Charma shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic forced their global organization to be completely remote. Impact used Charma across multiple departments to replace scattered meeting agendas in floating documents and email threads. Impact also adopted Sales Assistant to streamline sales operations, all in one place. By automating CRM action items for pipeline accuracy, sales managers could spend more time coaching Account Executives and progressing deals.

Using Charma for both one-on-ones and team meetings, managers and employees alike were able to work asynchronously, collaborate on timely discussion topics, and easily track accountability for action items.

Sales Assistant enhanced this further for Impact’s sales team by automating sales playbook rules and notifying AEs when their Opportunities were in violation. Impact’s sales leadership created what we call 'nudges' to notify AEs and BDRs of missed opportunity next steps, tasks, and upcoming close dates.

Charma's Salesforce, Slack, and MS Teams integrations enabled reps to update Salesforce in real-time with a single button click. By streamlining the level of effort it took to maintain the CRM, Impact was able to automate admin work and focus both individual and collective team meetings on revenue-generating activities.

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