WorkPatterns launches new Manager Analytics Dashboard to help monitor and develop operational excellence

Pek Mahajan

The foundation of every organization is the relationship between Managers and their direct reports. Historically, the mechanics of that relationship were challenging to aggregate and benchmark, often only discovering if something went wrong after the fact. 

The Charma Manager Analytics dashboard now gives team leaders a comprehensive pulse for how they’re adhering to management best practices, answering questions before they’re asked: 

Maintain positive feedback habits

- How often are you meeting with a team member? 

- Which days are your team members most productive? And how many action items are they completing or falling behind on? 

- Are wins being recognized and celebrated? Are you capitalizing on ‘teachable moments’ with continuous feedback? 

- How many hours are you spending in meetings per week versus focus time for your own deliverables as a manager? 

Being a "good manager" is an inherently subjective quality. Organizations have struggled for decades to quantify management effectiveness. As a daily-use platform, Charma is uniquely positioned to address this challenge by analyzing agendas, tasks, projects, and development goals across all meetings.

Our manager dashboard tracks important information such as consistency of one-on-one meetings, constructive feedback, teammate recognition, and goal setting for each team member. 

The Charma Manager Analytics dashboard provides a high-level overview of your team’s activities, by type and trending over time.

Keep track of team activity with your Manager Analytics dashboard
Keep track of team activity with your Manager Analytics dashboard

From there, we highlight when you’re most engaged with each team member and how those interactions break down across meeting agendas and tasks. 

Manage team relationships & note opportunities for development
Manage team relationships & note opportunities for development

This culminates into an accountability scorecard highlighting where you are in each of the three pillars of performance management: regular check-ins, coaching, and development. 

Stay up to date with key management activities
Stay up to date with key management activities

Charma transforms your workspace's meeting stats into actionable intelligence. You can now up your management game with a simple dashboard that helps you:

- Ensure that you are meeting with all your direct reports regularly

- Pulse check on whether you’re modeling positive feedback habits

- Validate your team’s productivity with an overview of team activity

Monitor workspace activity with ease
Monitor workspace activity with ease

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but with Charma's Manager Dashboard you can quickly see your current meeting habits and plan accordingly. Are you ready to see how your team analytics stacks up?

Charma is the best practice toolkit for managers to organize, motivate, and engage their teams, beloved by managers, HR, executives, and ICs alike. Find tools to help manage agendas for one-on-one meetings and team meetings, action items, team collaboration, continuous feedback, recognition, and goals — all in one place. With Charma, you can build team morale with kudos, continuous feedback, clear goal management, and more.

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