The rebrand design process at WorkPatterns and unveiling of our new brand!

Katie Gold

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our rebrand! According to the 5 principles of logo design, a logo must be [1] simple, [2] memorable, [3] timeless, [4] versatile, and [5] appropriate. Piece of cake right? 😅 Beyond that, a logo must reflect what value the company is bringing to the people (you!). For us, that one’s actually pretty simple: better work relationships. We aspire to facilitate a safe place for communication, transparency, and collaboration, in an effort to lift people up at work. 

first element of Charma's new logo is the speech bubble

One of the simplest things you may notice about our new logo is the speech bubble. The icon itself, communicates… (drum roll please!) communication. Yet, we are trying to push that idea further by placing the smaller bubble inside the larger one. This works to create a kind of buffer, or a safe space, if you will. At WorkPatterns, we cherish the safe space. When we have a safe space to speak, we are more likely to voice uncomfortable viewpoints and feedback. Though these difficult conversations can be stressful, they facilitate change for the better. But it takes two to tango!

the next element of our new logo are the blue and purple layered objects that represent transparency and collaboration in the workplace

The two layered objects represent transparency and collaboration between two individuals. We put the manager:employee relationship at the forefront because we believe that is the most crucial relationship at work. Your rapport with your manager can accelerate your projects, subject knowledge, and career growth. This is a sacred relationship that, if used wisely, can forge happiness.

Final logo from the Charma rebrand process

Happiness is something we think about a lot at WorkPatterns, which is why we added a slight smile into our logo. The bright colors also make it feel lighthearted and maybe even, dare we say… fun! Because who said you can’t have fun at work? You’ll also notice that the logo feels as though it’s kind of lifting up and to the right. That’s because we want WorkPatterns to be the tool that lifts you up! 

All that said, we are pretty excited about our new logo. It reflects the value we aspire to bring.  It represents a safe space for communication, transparency, and collaboration. And it represents happiness at work. As for the 5 principles of design, we’ll let you be the judge to decide if we got it right. Check out the before and after logos below and happy 1:1s, everyone!

Before and after logos from the Charma rebrand process


charma charmies celebrating

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