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WorkPatterns receives investment from the Zoom Apps Fund

Adam Berke

Today, we’re thrilled to share that the Zoom Apps Fund has selected WorkPatterns as one of their first investments.

“Our goal with the Zoom Apps Fund is to identify and support high potential companies that are adding incremental value to the Zoom ecosystem. WorkPatterns stood out as a fast moving and innovative company that is re-thinking People Management and delivering clear and tangible value to Managers and their teams.”

- Colin Born, Head of Zoom Corporate Development 

Building better People Management tools for the Zoom ecosystem

At WorkPatterns, our mission is to build the tools teams need to work with clarity and to operate effectively. Since our founding in 2018, we've focused on guiding relationships between managers and their direct reports. 

Increasingly, that relationship is built and maintained over Zoom. So, when the opportunity to be a Zoom Apps launch partner presented itself, it was an obvious decision for us to enrich our user experience by building an app for Zoom. The addition of Zoom to our list of investors only deepens our commitment to the Zoom ecosystem. 

This funding will accelerate our product development and bolster our ability to build new features that give managers superpowers. It’s never been a more challenging time to be a manager and we want leaders who use WorkPatterns to be their team’s favorite manager, ever.

We’re especially excited to continue improving the WorkPatterns App for Zoom which brings our guided one-on-one and team meeting experience right into the Zoom meeting itself. This makes it easy and seamless to take advantage of the structure and guidance that WorkPatterns offers.

Alignment and accountability for one-on-one and team meetings

When you start a meeting, attendees can follow their agenda together, stay focused on key topics, record notes and create action items.




Managers save time with automated meeting follow-up

After your meeting has ended. WorkPatterns generates a summary and sends it via email to all the meeting participants.



Organize the exchange of ideas and reduce disruption 

Between meetings, teams use WorkPatterns to communicate asynchronously, set goals, exchange continuous feedback, and give each other recognition via a purpose-built “Kudos” feature.



The future of work for WorkPatterns

Zoom has established itself as a foundational platform for the future of work. We’re thrilled to deepen our relationship with them through their strategic investment. Not only have they set the standard for building an essential tool they’ve also mastered the product lead growth playbook that is core to our continued expansion. The "stamp of approval" demonstrated by their investment is a thrilling step in our journey, and we look forward to learning from them as we continue forward.

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