A business is only as strong as its people. So we put people first.

We started Charma to help managers build cultures where people feel happier and thrive. Our values guide the way.

We're resilient
Achieving our mission will require persistent execution and rapid adaptation as we learn and iterate.
We're inspired
Inventing new solutions for new challenges is a guiding principle for our product and the way we operate as a team.
We delight
Being pretty isn't enough, we're committed to building a product that sparks joy for our end-users.
We care, a lot
Work should be a source of pride, meaning, accomplishment, and a place where you develop lasting relationships. What we do is who we are. We care a lot about our work, we also care about each other.
We build well being
We believe people do their best work when they’re satisfied in all aspects of their life. Internally, we embrace this by prioritizing flexibility, work-life balance, focus time, and asynchronous collaboration.
charma charmies giving feedback

Proud to spread moments of joy and well being.

A great manager helps people feel supported and valued. When we leave work, we carry those wonderful feelings into the rest of our day. We believe Charma helps more people feel that, more often. That’s what we love most about what we do.

The culture we build together.

Founded as a hybrid workforce, we balance collaboration with uninterrupted focus time. We come together for in-person work sessions and off-sites, while staying in touch with asynchronous communication.
Hybrid work structure
Quarterly in-person offsite
Mid quarter check-in
Bi-weekly sprint planning
Weekly sync


Come help us create more of the managers you wish you'd had.
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Institutional investors

Angel investors

Frank Blake Sr
Former CEO
of Home Depot
Frank Blake Jr
GM, Home
Auren Hoffman
Co-Founder and
CEO, LiveRamp
Mila Ferrell
PM, Zoom
Frank Blake Jr
GM, Home
Sunil Paul
CEO of Spring Free EV, Board of Directors at Zynga

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