From one-on-ones to 360 reviews: a place for everything, and everything in place.

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Feel prepared and empowered to be the best manager you can be.

Charma helps you accomplish milestones big or small. Feel prepared for upcoming annual goals and 365 reviews, while staying on top of 1+1s, feedback and kudos. Together, all in one place.

Give your one-on-ones a sense of real purpose.

Be ready for every one-on-one with a trustworthy and friendly framework. Set meeting expectations, improve communication, and track progress and accountability over time.
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Keep your team motivated and aligned.

Never miss an opportunity to help a teammate improve or celebrate a win. Draft feedback from a few words with our powerful FeedbackAI tool, and send praise in a flash with kudos.
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Drive momentum toward goals.

Charma helps everyone on the team stay in the loop and track progress, bringing individual, team, and company goals together in one place.
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Build a more supportive culture, together.

In every interaction you share with your team, there's an opportunity to build stronger relationships and culture. Charma helps you bring the best to each interaction, every day.

Quickly become the manager you always wished you had.