Make people management a core competency.

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Strengthen relationships between managers and teams.

Whatever your goals, achieving them ultimately comes down to how well your teams are performing. And much of that depends on the strength of their managers. Great ones align and motivate teams to achieve more, so your organization can too.

Create efficiency that pays off.

In 2019, Doodle reported that poorly organized meetings cost the U.S. $399 billion.
With consistent agendas and tools to stay focused, managers and teams spend less time in unproductive meetings. These savings make Charma an investment you won’t regret.
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Create focus, alignment, and accountability with goals.

Charma makes it easy to connect company goals to the work of each teammate. Managers and teams stay focused and connected to the mission. Stop wondering how teams are performing with an always up to date view of progress.
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Watch your teams take off.

Keep tabs on how your teams are doing, without slowing them down. Dashboard analytics show engagement, tasks, and meeting summaries, as much or as little as you want to see. Managers and teams love using Charma, and it shows in engagement you can see.
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Reach new heights of organizational performance.

A single disengaged employee with an average salary can cost an employer $16,000 a year.
Stronger managers and teams perform better. They reduce turnover and knowledge loss. They waste less time in unproductive meetings. It’s the foundation that supports continual growth.

Quickly become the manager you always wished you had.