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Giving feedback is hard. We made it easier.

Feedback is a gift, but that doesn't mean giving it is easy. If you're like most managers, you've spent hours writing and re-writing feedback trying to find the right words. Well, now there's a shortcut.

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Break the blank page problem with AI powered suggestions.

Charma is on a mission to make the adoption of continuous feedback easy. So, we built FeedbackAI, a powerful feedback management software platform.
See who you’re giving feedback to
Choose adjectives
Give FeedbackAI a second to author options
Select your favorite
Add a personal touch and share

Remove the friction that prevents continuous constructive feedback. Develop employees individually, thrive collectively.

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Managers can customize your team's feedback cadence through our feedback management system
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Our employee review software helps keep performance reviews friendly, send your feedback virtually as text or video
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Feedback format is constructive, a forcing function for the good and not so good to surface
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Comments spark conversation so discussion topics can surface in your next one on one
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Private workspaces keeps feedback confidential, such as employees' feedback to managers

Recognition can no longer be dependent on serendipitous hallway encounters. Kudos allows managers, employees, and peers to celebrate wins from anywhere.

Celebrate wins of all sizes. Boost team morale. Create a supportive culture of gratitude with our continuous feedback software, regardless of where employees are physically located.

Anyone can give another teammate kudos publicly or privately

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Attach gifs along with text to make recognition more fun and personal

Keep your kudos private or broadcast it outside of Charma via Slack or MS Teams. Employee feedback software that helps you put your teammate's success in the spotlight.

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Feedback and kudos are stored to create a clear record of performance for everyone

  • Track progress and performance trends over time.
  • Historical views level the playing field for annual reviews

Loved by high performing teams & managers

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“Charma took me from a manager to a leader.”
“Charma has changed my leadership for the better. My direct reports are thriving and Charma has played a huge role in that.”

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