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Armand Indra

In the ever-evolving world of management, continuous feedback has always been at the core of Charma's product philosophy. We're leading the way by providing a platform that promotes growth and success through ongoing dialogue, rather than limiting feedback to a mandated review process.

In the spirit of growth, feedback from you, our customers, is invaluable to us and directly informs our product roadmap. Our feedback feature in particular is one where we had the opportunity to talk to many of you about your experiences in our product and unique needs within your organizations. The iterations we are launching today were inspired by those conversations. Today we’re proud to announce updates to our feedback feature which will help foster a strong culture of feedback, and a stickier, more positive product experience.

Enhanced feedback features and benefits

Charma’s customizable feedback templates - edit menu
Easily manage your template library

→ Customization: Build a library of feedback templates that align with your team's unique needs. With our template builder you can design feedback questionnaires for any and all purposes, with varying lengths, question types, and objectives.

→ Different question types: Capture the full spectrum of your team's perspectives with our diverse question types. Use a mix of short answers, rating/multiple choice, and GIF-based prompts to understand how your team is thinking and feeling. Whether you want qualitative insights or quantitative data, our enhanced feature offers the flexibility to gather comprehensive feedback.

→ Standardization & streamlining: When you create a new feedback template, it’s automatically shared with your entire team, allowing for consistency in feedback collection across your organization. All of your custom templates will be saved to your organization's feedback template library so they are discoverable by name.

→ New UI: We’ve enhanced the UI of the Charma Coaching tab. Now, you can create custom templates, give feedback, or review others’ templates with just a click. Explore the UI and discover a more streamlined and user-friendly experience that puts the power of feedback right at your fingertips. 

The modern workplace requires more than just isolated performance reviews and other mainstays of the old-school performance management “way,” it needs performance enablement to thrive. Charma's enhanced feedback feature is designed to align with this ethos, offering a solution that's not just robust but also lightweight and tailored to your needs. With our innovative tools, you can transform feedback from a routine task into a strategic advantage. Join us on this exciting journey and unlock the full potential of your team with Charma's feedback tool.

Charma’s customizable feedback templates - different question types
Choose from short answer, rating/multiple choice, and GIF-based prompts

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