People management workflows before, during, and after your meetings

An app for Zoom that seamlessly integrates and enriches your virtual meeting experience.

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Charma for Zoom makes virtual meetings delightful

One-on-ones are an invaluable management tool to keep employees aligned, accountable, and engaged. Charma for Zoom guides your one-on-one meetings within the Zoom experience. Our People Management App enables continuous feedback and collaborative one-on-one meeting agendas that evolve over time.

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Streamline the Zoom meeting experience for all attendees

With a new workspace mode for running your meetings, Charma’s app for Zoom helps guide you through your agenda.

Remove the friction that causes distraction and low engagement

No more flipping between windows to find what you’re looking for. Charma eliminates the temptation to multitask by ensuring everyone is on the same page of your meeting agenda.
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Increase post-meeting alignment by building accountability into the discussion

Charma’s app for Zoom gives users the tools to document decisions made, next steps, and ownership in real-time without leaving Zoom.

Save time by letting Charma facilitate post-meeting admin work

After a meeting is concluded, Charma for Zoom will send meeting summaries to attendees—eliminating the need to manually write and distribute meeting notes.
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Loved by high performing teams & managers

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“Charma enabled us to clearly define success and work towards shared goals. ”
“With COVID-19, Charma went from being a helpful tool to a critical piece of infrastructure. It helps our managers both execute day-to-day tasks, and also keep their fingers on the pulse of how our employees are feeling about their new normal. Our employees, especially parents, needed to shift from being ‘always on,’ to working asynchronously. Charma enabled us to clearly define success and work towards shared goals.”

The people management tool loved by managers and teams