Goal setting that isn’t just busy work

Charma’s goal setting software is lightweight, measurable, and connects to your meeting agendas to drive actual business results.

With Charma   you get the flexibility of spreadsheets plus the robust functionality of purpose-built goal setting software, all wrapped in a user-friendly, lightweight package.

Intuitive, streamlined goal setting that's easy to use and works for all of your team’s goals

Most goal setting platforms are bloated and overly complicated. They often lead to time and energy wasted entering goals into a system that no one looks at until the next goal tracking cycle.

At Charma, we boiled things down to the core features teams actually need. Our goal setting software is designed to be user-friendly and only includes the essentials needed to stay on track, create accountability, and measure results.

With Charma, you can document and communicate goals of all kinds — from the highest-level company targets all the way down to personalized OKRs and action plans.

charma goals example
charma goals

Keep your team accountable with goals that connect to recurring meetings and to-dos

When goals are isolated in a siloed system, they’re quickly forgotten and don’t actually drive day-to-day priorities or activities.

In Charma, Goals are linked to meeting agendas and to-do lists, so team members are empowered to continuously measure progress and coordinate across teams, never losing sight of the big picture.

When you create a goal in Charma, you have the ability to define a check-in interval which automatically adds a discussion topic to the relevant meeting agenda on the appropriate cadence.

Charma helps you make better decisions by visualizing how individual, team, and company-wide goals fit together

Charma makes it easier for teams to visualize and coordinate company-wide goals and cascading objectives and action items. Our goal setting software allows you to nest goals and see how individual objectives and key results connect to higher level priorities.

This helps teams stay focused on the most important goals and understand how their work fits into the big picture. It also gives leaders executive insight into who is responsible for what, and empowers them to properly manage risk, resources, and overall decision-making.

charma goals example

Customize your success metrics so they align with your business goals

Whether you use OKRs or another goal setting methodology, you can customize Charma to suit your needs.

Track the metrics that matter to you and which align with your business goals — whether that’s hard numbers or smaller objectives and action items that roll up into the bigger vision. With a precise understanding of how you’re tracking towards your goals, your team will be able to better identify areas of concern, measure success, and make informed, strategic decisions.

Customize your metrics to focus on what truly matters, adapt and update your OKRs seamlessly, and maintain a comprehensive history of your progress — all within a flexible system that works for your team's unique needs.