Make every meeting a productive one.

Do unproductive meetings have you feeling frustrated and demoralized? Charma helps managers and their teams stay connected and work with clarity.

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Software that helps you organize and lead meetings of all types, all in one place.

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Facilitate a two-way conversation between managers and their direct reports. Exchange feedback and keep everything on track with comments, action items, and goals.
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Team meetings

Collaborative agendas ensure attendees show up prepared and ready to participate. Hit the ground running and tackle priorities without waiting for everyone to get up to speed.
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Virtual meetings

Purpose-built features that improve the in-meeting experience reduce distraction and multi-tasking. Keeping everyone focused on the agenda boosts productivity and combats meeting fatigue.

Loved by high performing teams & managers

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“With the shift to hybrid work, Charma went from being a helpful tool to a critical piece of infrastructure. It helps our managers execute day-to-day tasks, and keep their fingers on the pulse of how our employees are feeling about their new normal. Our employees, especially parents, needed to shift from being ‘always on,’ to working asynchronously. Charma enabled us to clearly define success and work towards shared goals.”

Showing up prepared starts with a meeting agenda.

Time is valuable, Charma makes it easy for you to ensure meetings are set up for success.

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Meeting agenda templates

Keep the meeting's purpose top of mind by giving the time some structure. Use one of our templates, customize them, or build your own from scratch.

Creating an agenda with our meeting management software ensures everyone on your team knows what to expect and can prepare accordingly.

Collaborate on meeting agendas

Workspaces are your home base for ideas, add them as they arise and flesh them out later. Our meeting software gives you the power to gather additional input efficiently and effectively.

Notifications let workspace members know about new discussion topics as attendees collaborate. With a collaborative meeting agenda, everyone is empowered to add topics.
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Meeting mode turns your workspace into a guided in-meeting experience.

Keep attendees focused and engaged

Reduce distraction and tangents. Record notes and decisions made as action items with owners and deadlines.
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Build accountability into your meeting culture

Follow the progress of action items as they progress between meetings.

Simplify meeting follow-up

Charma automates meeting summary distribution to all attendees, saving you time without sacrificing alignment.
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Track progress over time with transparency.

Past discussions and decisions made live as a searchable timeline in your workspaces; allowing you to reference them for future discussions and decisions.

And now, a word from teams that use Charma.

Manage meetings, projects & feedback!

Charma is very user-friendly. It’s been able to drive accountability across all teams and visibility to workloads. The 360 Review feature has had a major impact on our organization. It was very easy to train and implement and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the team.
Pamela G, Head of the Property Manager Department

Easy to use!

“Charma brings all aspects of management, cross-department collaboration, recognition, and performance to one place.”
Debbie R, Vice President of Membership and Community Engagement

Charma is the only app that actually helps you prepare for your meetings.

Sync the tools your team uses to get work done.
See how work is progressing across external tools.
Add items to your upcoming meeting agendas.

Quickly become the manager you always wished you had.