How Keyrenter Denver used Charma to strengthen their 360 review process

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About Charma

Charma is a comprehensive performance enablement and people management solution. The platform includes tools and AI that help you organize, motivate, and engage your teams. Workflows for meetings, goals, recognition, feedback, reviews, and more help guide work. Use Charma to strengthen your culture of continuous improvement and employee harmony, day-to-day as well as over time.

About Keyrenter Denver

Keyrenter Denver is a property management company based in Denver, Colorado that provides solutions for homeowners & real estate investors.

Amber Bryant is Keyrenter Denver's People and Culture Director. She oversees all human resource functions within the organization. She is specifically focused on creating scalable training and retention processes.

Keyrenter Denver started using Charma to streamline a variety of performance enablement flows. Charma's tools for meeting management, accountability, goals, and more have been crucial to Keyrenter Denver's growth. It is, however, Charma's 360 review software that has stood out the most. Keyrenter Denver was able to completely overhaul its 360 review process with Charma, making it faster and more impactful.

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Keyrenter Denver’s journey with the 360 review process

Keyrenter Denver’s original 360 review process

Before implementing Charma, Keyrenter Denver's 360 review process was cumbersome, time-consuming, and highly manual. It involved the use of handwritten notes, custom Google Docs and Forms for each team member, and manual data entry. The process was inefficient and error-prone, making it difficult to improve. And because Keyrenter conducted 360 review cycles on a quarterly basis, they routinely had to deal with these hurdles.

Impact of Charma's 360 review software

With the adoption of Charma, Keyrenter Denver experienced several positive outcomes. Their 360 review process dramatically improved, with additional positive downstream impacts to employees’ day-to-day work, including goal setting and attainment, relationships between team members, and accountability.

  • Significant time savings: The time required to conduct 360 reviews reduced drastically. With Charma, Amber can now kick off 360 reviews for the entire organization in just 15 minutes. With a couple clicks, Amber can quickly select all individuals that need a 360 review and assign relevant team members to provide feedback, with a deadline and the ability to follow up as needed. Compilation also became more streamlined with Charma’s guided workflow. The platform helps Amber identify themes between peer reviews and merge them into a comprehensive summary to share with both the reviewee and the leadership team. Today, Keyrenter Denver spends less time conducting 360 reviews with Charma versus before they had Charma, even with 3x the number of employees and counting. This allows Amber and the team to focus on people development in other ways.
  • Increased efficiency: All 360 review data is now stored in a centralized platform, eliminating the need for multiple folders, documents, and email threads. This streamlined approach has improved accessibility and data management for Amber, leadership, and managers.
  • Connection to day-to-day workflows: With one-on-one relationships also managed directly within Charma, managers can bring 360 review feedback into their dedicated workspaces. This allows managers and their direct reports to regularly discuss feedback and collaborate on how feedback can be actioned.
  • Consistency in goal tracking: Charma's platform allows for the easy tracking of goals set during review cycles. Managers and employees can refer to these goals regularly, in their defined one-on-one workspace, ensuring better goal attainment and accountability.
  • Enhanced feedback quality: Charma’s 360 review software has empowered employees to provide more detailed and meaningful feedback through the assistance of AI and carefully curated prompts. This has led to more productive one-on-one meetings and improved alignment with the company's core values.
  • Leadership development: Keyrenter Denver's commitment to identifying and nurturing leadership potential has been amplified through Charma's 360 reviews. Managers use the tool to coach employees and track their progress toward leadership roles. Amber and the leadership team use feedback to identify team members with leadership qualities in order to nurture them further.
  • Improved buy-in: Employees and leaders have embraced the new review process, recognizing its efficiency and the value it brings to personal and professional development.

What Amber Bryant has to say about Charma's 360 review software

"Everybody thinks Charma’s 360 review process is easier than the old way. I have more buy-in on why it's important. There are some people that have really taken it as their opportunity to give super good feedback, especially leaders, that I don't feel we would otherwise be getting. I think the team, especially the leaders, take the 360 process very seriously now. They use it as an opportunity to deep dive into whoever the person is and how to help them get further along. I think that everybody has felt like Charma has been a good tool, helping to give feedback and also grow their teams."

Harness Charma for your 360 reviews like Keyrenter Denver

Charma's 360 reviews tool has revolutionized Keyrenter Denver's employee evaluation process across the board, saving time, enhancing the quality of feedback, and facilitating leadership development. Amber particularly highlighted the tool’s user-friendly interface and automation features as an asset to the organization. Keyrenter Denver has a goal to scale to 250 employees over the next 5 years. As they do, their streamlined 360 review process will prove invaluable to saving the team time and actually bolstering their employees’ skills and engagement.

Are you interested in improving the 360 review process at your organization with Charma? Book a demo with our team and discover how Charma can drive employee growth and engagement.

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