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Goal tracking that isn't just busy work.

Charma’s goal tracking app is lightweight, measurable, and connects to your meeting agendas to drive actual business results.

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Streamlined to make adoption easy

Most goal tracking apps are bloated and overly complicated and often lead to time and energy wasted entering goals into a system that no one looks at until the next goal tracking cycle.

At Charma, we took a different approach and boiled things down to the core features teams actually need. Our goal tracking app is designed to be user-friendly and only includes the essentials needed to stay on track, create accountability, and measure results.
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Action-oriented accountability

When goals are isolated in a siloed system, they’re quickly forgotten and don’t actually drive day-to-day priorities or activities.

Charma’s goal tracking solution is integrated within the meeting management functionality so goals stay top of mind all the time and ultimately drive action items and behaviors.

When you create a goal in Charma, you have the ability to define a check-in interval which automatically adds a discussion topic to the relevant meeting agenda on the appropriate cadence.

Measurable results and better alignment

Whether you use SMART goals, OKRs, or just about any other methodology, Charma makes it easier to coordinate goals & related action items and measure progress across teams.

Our goal tracking app also allows you to nest goals and visualize how an individual’s action items connect to higher level priorities. This helps teams stay focused on the most important goals and understand how their work fits into the big picture.

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Secure and compliant

It’s essential for high performance teams to stay on top of their commitments and results, and Charma's goal tracking app offers a way to do just that.

It enables you to document and communicate goals of all kinds — from the highest-level company objectives all the way down to personalized action plans.

Visibility settings at the goal-level ensure that the right people have access to the necessary information while allowing for discretion when necessary.

Loved by high performing teams & managers

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“Now more than ever, managers must have systems in place that ensure clear communication and alignment across their team, Charma simplifies the one-on-one process with a user-friendly experience that helps me and my team stay in sync and align on priorities no matter where we are.”