Create focus and clarity with a goal setting product you’ll actually enjoy using!

Adam Berke
Charma launched a simple goal setting product for workplace teams

Here’s a novel idea: we don’t think the activity of setting up goals for your team should take more time and energy than the actual work trying to achieve those goals. 

Yet for most managers and executives, goal setting is a dreaded experience and the outdated tools used to manage the process are at least partly to blame. To make matters worse, since everyone involved has had such a bad experience with the system, the resulting goals end up sitting on a shelf, not getting updated or even looked at again until the process repeats itself.

We believe that there’s a better way, and now that we’re all reevaluating how we’ve done things in the past, it felt like the perfect time to release our take on goals. We call this new functionality (wait for it)... Goals.

With Charma Goals, we make the process of creating clear objectives for your team (and yourself) easy and lightweight. We also help to ensure that your goals (or OKRs if that’s how you roll) are tied into your weekly operating cadence by automatically adding discussion topics to the appropriate one-on-one and group workspaces. This creates accountability, and helps your team stay focused on the most important priorities.

your teams page where you can see all the goals in your organization in the Charma app

We’ve also found with pilot users of Goals that there’s an added benefit to a goal setting tool that managers don’t hate… they actually use it! 

Instead of waiting for a formal goal setting process, managers are taking advantage of the lightweight design and intuitive experience to spin up ad hoc goals when new information comes to light. For example, 

If a new features called Wingdings is launched after the formal goal setting process, a Sales manager could quickly and easily create a goal like:

“Give 10 demos of Wingdings by the end of the month.”

Or if a new account signs up after your goals are set, you could still create an ad hoc goal like:

“Grow new account Expander Co to 100 seats in the next 45 days.”

Since the experience of setting up a goal is so frictionless, we’ve also seen Managers use Charma Goals for fun and informal goals like:

“Have 5 Zoom lunches with people from different teams to build cross functional relationships.”

With the old, top down and bureaucratic goal setting systems, these opportunities never would’ve been identified because the frontline people who actually use the tool avoid going into the product except when they're forced to.

Our mission at Charma is to help teams operate more effectively so that your entire organization runs more efficiently and effectively, and knowing what you’re trying to achieve with clear goals is obviously critical in achieving that mission. We believe that by focusing on the needs of Managers and their direct reports, we can build a goal setting system that your team will actually choose to use. 

Charma Goals is now available as part of our free trial and to all customers using the Teams plan. To try it out, visit your new Teams page here and just click “create goal.” You’ll be on your way to a more focused, accountable, and high performing team.

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