Manager assistant puts best practices on autopilot

Adam Berke

Most managers we talk to know there are many things they SHOULD be doing to improve team performance: having consistent 1:1s, giving regular feedback, recognizing wins, etc. 

But a manager’s life is busy. They have their own personal work to get done, they’re often in meetings all day, and it’s tough to find the time to implement these best practices and overwhelming to start from scratch.

These challenges have only become more pronounced now that many people are working remotely or as part of a distributed team. You can’t just walk across the room to do a quick check in anymore.

Charma Manager Assistant is here to solve these problems by putting best practices on autopilot no matter where people are physically located.

Manager Assistant makes an array of best practices easy to implement by automatically adding prompts and purpose built experiences to your workspaces:

  • Suggested Topics Module provides battle proven conversation prompts for your 1:1
  • Feedback Module provides a frictionless experience to give and receive quick feedback either through video or text
  • Recognition Module prompts people to praise their teammates for wins, improving morale and reinforcing great work

When you get started with Charma, these modules are automatically set to run with intelligent defaults so teams get an immediate operational boost. Managers who want to customize the settings can make adjustments on the settings page here (currently available to manager accounts only since changes apply to the entire team).

To learn more about Manager Assistant functionality, you can read the support article here.

As always, feel free to reach out to us here if you have any feedback or ideas for improvement.

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