Putting action items into action ⚡

Adam Berke

One of the most important best practices that people often fail to implement in their one-on-ones (and many other meetings) is to clearly document action items. If people make commitments, but don’t clearly assign ownership and a due date, the chance that the work gets done in line with everyones’ expectations is pretty slim.

To help address this issue, we’ve released a new version of the Action Items section of Charma that makes this best practice easy to adopt. 

With the release of the new workspaces layout, we made a clear distinction between discussion topics and action items. We also made it easy to convert discussion topics to action items. Just click the three dot menu, and select “Convert to action item” like so:

You can also create action items directly in the Action Items section either via text or video:

action items in workpatterns, the people management app

As of today, we’ve created a new Action Items tab that contains all your action items from across all workspaces all in one place. You can also easily access this page from the top of the side navigation:

see all action items in Charma the people management app

The new layout of this section makes it easy for managers to see all of the action items assigned across their team:

how managers can see a roll of of their teams action items in Charma the people management app

And individual contributors can clearly see everything assigned to them (or by them) all in one place with priority, due dates, and comments at their fingertips:

how users can see all the action items assigned to them in Charma the people management app

We hope you like the new action items tab and we hope it makes it easier to keep track of commitments to ultimately get more done.

As always, if you have any ideas or feedback, please reach out to us here.

charma charmies celebrating

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