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Introducing Charma 360 Reviews!

Adam Berke

Simplifying the process of getting the crucial feedback people need to grow personally and professionally

There’s a concept in Cognitive Psychology called the Johari window that provides a useful framework for personal development. Basically, there are things that we know about ourselves and there are things that others know about us. Some of the things that others know about us, we already know, but others we don’t. That area is the blindspot:

There are few things that can help a person grow more personally and professionally than getting insight into their blindspots. However, getting those insights is hard. They don’t come from taking personality assessments (since you fill those out with your blindspots fully intact) and getting person to person feedback can be awkward and most people feel uncomfortable doing it.

360 reviews are an incredibly powerful tool to help people get the unvarnished insight into how they’re perceived by others so that they can take action and grow. Unfortunately, the problem with 360 reviews (until now) is that they’re complicated to organize, logistically difficult to manage, and just an overall headache for an already busy manager. Even giving one review is a headache, imagine coordinating multiple for every one of your direct reports!

What is a 360 review?

Unlike a normal performance review where a manager gives feedback to a direct report, a 360 review solicits feedback about a person from a range of people in the organization. That could include that person’s direct reports, peers, collaborators on cross functional projects, leaders of other departments, and even senior executives. 

The manager then reviews the feedback and synthesizes it for the person into a single report while adding their own input into the final output. This gives a person a 360 degrees view of how they’re perceived in the organization, hence the name “360.”

It looks something like this:

360 review process diagram for google slide by WorkPatterns

Key Benefits of Charma 360 Reviews

Streamlined workflow

The biggest challenge with 360s is that they can be logistically challenging to manage.

Keeping track of who’s reviewing whom, who’s completed their reviews and who hasn’t, finding the right feedback for the right person so the manager can write the summary… it’s all a lot to keep track of! 

Charma takes all of the complexity out of the process with simple flows to set up a review, automated reminders for all participants, and a unified view of everyone’s progress.

In Charma, the workflow for kicking off a 360 degree review for one or multiple employees only takes 5 minutes.
In Charma, the workflow for kicking off a 360 degree review for one or multiple employees only takes 5 minutes.

FeedbackAI writing assistant

When giving feedback, it’s often hard to find the right words. Just as we do in our continuous feedback feature, we’ve built in the Charma FeedbackAI writing assistant which generates feedback examples that people can edit based on selecting just a few adjectives about a person.

This helps people phrase their feedback accurately and professionally in a fraction of the time it takes if they were having to start from a blank page.

FeedbackAI guides reviewers towards thoughtful, constructive feedback with the input of a couple of adjectives.
FeedbackAI guides reviewers towards thoughtful, constructive feedback with the input of a couple of adjectives.

Single repository for a person’s feedback

In order for people to make progress, it’s essential to be able to see where they started and where they’re going. Charma creates a single repository for all the feedback a specific person has received. This includes 360s, but also feedback and kudos given and received through the platform.

As organizations scale, not only is it helpful to be able to review a person’s feedback history, in many cases it’s legally required.

Manage open and pending 360 reviews via your Coaching tab in Charma

Give 360s reviews a try

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