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We’re excited to roll out major upgrades to our Goals tool. We've always aimed to provide a versatile goal setting solution. With these latest updates, we’ve added another level of flexibility for you to tailor goals. Now you can visualize goal hierarchy to facilitate company-wide goal frameworks such as OKRs. You’ll also be able to measure success in more ways and see your progress as you go.

These updates to Goals have expanded its capabilities, making it easier for power users to go deeper with how they set, track, and manage goals. At the same time, we’ve made it even more accessible for users who prefer a simpler approach.

Check out a demo of the new Goals features below. Pro tip: Press the right arrow key to move through each screen.

Read on for a Q&A with our product team where we delve into these updates in more detail.

What are the recent enhancements Charma has made to Goals?

Create and visualize the relationship between goals across your company with cascade view

We know that company goals break down into smaller departmental objectives. And those goals then break down even further into team and individual goals. Whether your company calls this methodology OKRs or something else, you are probably familiar with this workflow. Cascade view brings that workflow into Charma.

Cascade view allows you to visualize the connections between all the goals across your org. This change is particularly beneficial for organizations with complex high-level business goals. Cascade view also offers a more intuitive way to align employees during the goal setting process. Team members at all levels can see how goals will be incrementally accomplished, and who is responsible for what.

More ways to measure goal attainment, such as with KPIs

Now you can measure progress with a variety of key results: via KPIs (e.g., numbers, percentages, or dollars), the attainment of sub-goals, or the completion of action items.

You’re in complete control of how you define success. Once you have, Charma will highlight progress as it's made, guiding prioritization and focus.

It's also worth noting that you can edit the original values, allowing teams to adapt how they define success if goals and priorities change. The historical activity of the goal will still reflect changes to your goals over time, like modifications to goal values and targets. For instance, if a revenue target was initially set at $100k but later adjusted to $120k. Use the history view to understand how a goal has changed and progressed during your journey towards achievement.

AI-generated sub-goal and action item suggestions

Goals now incorporates AI to enhance users' goal achievement experience. When you choose to measure progress by sub-goals or action items, our AI can generate suggestions of what those should be.

The AI component aims to empower you and your teams by:

  1. Helping you break large goals down into smaller, more manageable steps.
  2. Streamlining the goal creation process, so more time and energy can be spent on execution.

What problems in the goal setting & management workflow were we aiming to address?

  1. It's hard to understand the relationships between goals. The ability to visualize how goals are connected is integral to ensuring the right goals are set in the first place. Executives and individual contributors both struggle with this. Our new cascade view shows you how goals across your org connect, giving you more clarity and focus around the goal management process. 
  2. Each company and team is unique and how they define success is too. Charma’s new methods of defining goal attainment were designed to remove the blockers that lead to goals living in a spreadsheet.
  3. The inability to change or adjust a goal leads to people being less ambitious during the goal setting process. Goals should be aspirational but not impossible. It can be difficult to create the right balance — which can lead to anxiety for employees. We prioritized adding edit abilities with a layer of transparency so you can make changes and adapt as needed.
  4. Employees don't always know what goals to set. High-level goals can seem too weighty or large. This makes it hard to see how they connect to you individually, never mind how you might best contribute to or achieve them. AI-powered suggestions can guide the process of breaking broad goals down into smaller steps, and thus make goals more achievable.

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How can Charma’s Goals tool be used for different goal setting methodologies (e.g., OKRs, SMART goals, etc.)?

When we created Goals, we wanted to give users the maximum level of flexibility so they could mold Goals to fit their needs. We found that the best way to do this was to incorporate linking between goals, visualization that clearly shows those relationships, custom success metrics, and progress visualization. These recent updates make Goals incredibly malleable such that the tool can be used for a variety of goal setting frameworks.

For instance, if users are using an OKR framework, they can make the goal name their Objective. They can then select a KPI, sub-goals, or action items as the Key Result against which to measure progress.

Similarly, if someone is using the SMART framework, they can add details to their goals in Charma to ground their goals accordingly.

  • Specific: Create a goal name that is simple, specific, and targeted.
  • Measurable: Choose your metrics and results and track your progress.
  • Achievable: Work with your team to ensure your goals can be accomplished within the selected time frame.
  • Relevant: Ensure your goal supports and connects to other goals within your organization.
  • Time-bound: Set a due date for your goal.

In all instances, you can assign and review goals set by individual team members to ensure they align with the process your company uses.

How can an organization get the greatest benefit from Charma’s Goals?

Nothing beats trying out the product yourself. Sign up for a demo to view Goals live and see these features in action! Team Charma can walk you through how Goals works and how you could adapt it to your specific needs. We’ll specifically walk you through:

  • How to nest and measure goals so that they align with your team’s existing goal setting process
  • How Charma visualizes Goals to keep you on track 
  • How Goals will connect to your day-to-day workflows via to-dos and meeting agendas
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